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Hello Peeps,

2015 is underway & so is cloth and thread.

Thank you for your enquiries about how to purchase a cloth and thread product.

Due to some exciting new projects I am working on, I will not be able to take any pre orders/orders for a while.

I will be making my current range for store updates, which will be more regular this year.

I will post on all social media when updates occur.

So sorry to disappoint but it is necessary for me to have time to work on the current collection & make plans for a more workable future.

I am overwhelmed by the positive response I have received for cloth and thread & I’m investigating new ways to make my products more accessible without compromising ethics & quality.

I will try to stagger the listing of items as much as possible, so it opens the sales to different sleeping times.

I hope in the future I will be able to take your orders & wholesale requests but until then, it will be just be online store updates.

Thank you sincerely for your amazing support & patience,

xx jenni


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Nov news: next store update is looking like mid November. There’s not much time left now before Christmas but I will make what I can & hopefully squeeze in another update for the start of December.

it will be a limited supply so apologies in advance to those who miss out :(

Thank You truly for your support & patience & here’s to the supply catching up a little closer to the demand in 2015! ….so sorry but I’m unable to take pre orders. ❤️✌️😘





doll face cushions from 2010 will return again in 2015!


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THANK YOU sooooo much for your support!

I am overwhelmed at the response for the first release of my sherbet bombs” collection!

Thank you for your orders, they will makes their way out to you on Thursday Morning!

Thank you for all your emails, enquiries & requests, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

There will be more updates throughout the months & especially in time for Christmas but I must attend to commitments already in place first.

I am sorry to those who missed out this time but there are plenty more dolls inside me yet & I will keep making as long you

 want me to!

Thank you again for your continued interest & support, YOU’RE AWESOME!!!!


∞ sherbet bomb ∞ release

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first release of 🍬sherbet bombs🍬 will be in cloth and thread online store Tuesday 29th July @ 1.00pm AEST. Each doll in this series is numbered & featuring (I’m excited to say) hand dyed by moi, tulle, satin, pom poms, ribbons & even the buttons for their moveable jointed arms!

It will contain my NEW daphne deer design & a selection of familiar faces.

doll face cushions won’t make it this time round but please don’t despair, i’m not going anywhere :) & intend to update my store as often as I can.

So sorry but I’m unable to accept pre orders or take customs at this point but I’m working on introducing these options in the future. Thank you so much for all the continued support you have shown cloth and thread 🍬 :) 🍬


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the year has begun with lots of enquiries, THANK YOU!!! …

 I will try to fill you in on what cloth and thread is up to…

some great new stockist of c & t dolls will be added to stockist list over the next month or so,

I hope to have a/couple of Oversea’s stockist soon or find a great International online store to serve my oversea’s enquiries.

Suggestions & enquiries are welcomed,

My online store should have its first update for 2014 in February,

( update’s are posted on my Facebook page here)

Unfortunately I am not able to take custom orders for the time being, sorry,

I am in the early stages of  designing a couple of new characters for the range!

& finally, some exciting collaborations are in store.

I look forward to sharing all here :)

store info

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hi there, here’s a little info update on my online store & other things…

Due to a successful fair, I am busy sewing away on many orders to arrive in lot’s of stores in time for Christmas!

I will update my stockists list very soon at the top of my blog with online & bricks & mortar stores.

 I will be updating my online store in the New Year now & hope to have some new designs as well!

THANK YOU for your patience & support & fingers crossed it will be worth the wait ;)

x Best Wishes

“the fair”

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 cloth and thread will have a little stand at this year’s “the fair” trade fair.

new raffe rabbit will be introduced…


there will be some items from the “constellation” collection…


and some items from the new “7 sea’s'” collection!

7 seas

& what a bumper group of brands will be there this year…


so excited to be taking part!

Virgine’s site for the fair

pot holders

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images from fabrickideezs (awesome site)

recently my husband peter did an amazing job giving our tired old kitchen a makeover.

i love how it’s turned out & I’m now enjoying, adding the final little touches to bring it to life.

i saw the above potholders on pinterest & thought they would be both practical & decorative for our home.

i made some this weekend & here they are…

…the little patches of maze & vale fabric goes perfectly with our maze & vale t. towel.



surprise balls

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i saw these dreamy beauties on pinterest & was captivated.

the toy you destroy to enjoy

made by *Charles Gregor creations in the 1950’s & recently sold on etsy.

These unopened surprise balls contain layers & layers of coloured crepe paper & hidden little treasures in the different layers.

an idea & tradition that has featured in different cultures through history.

watch this awesome video by Nathalie Lete opening a ball made by Gina Namkung.


to say i was inspired is under statement…

i hope you like my first foray into making surprise balls.

I’m very excited to be adding them to the cloth and thread range soon!





* charles gregor surprise ball photo’s via thelovelyandthestrange