i’m going to a trade fair…

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…nervous but excited


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  1. your things are so beautiful, you will do very well I am sure of it:) good luck x x x x x x

  2. jenni!! i wish you lots of success and sales, and fun (of course)!! :D
    your dolls with pom poms are so beautiful!! and the little elephants too cute! love them all!!
    i’m sure people will adore your work :)

  3. Your work is looking SO beautiful Jenni. How was the fair?
    I love everything but that little cat above in the embroidered dress is my very favourite, she’s soooo pretty!

  4. beautiful dolls, hope it went all well. I like the little third little elephant. are they going to be available in your shop?
    PS I found you through a petit brut blog :)

  5. hannah coakley says

    We’re still loving our Babushkas but now all your other work too xoxo hannah and maggie coakley! :)
    P.S could we buy a child sized kitty dress in size 10?????

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