Kewpies & Christmas

found in my local florist & had to share

wishing you a safe & Happy Festive Season,

thank you for visiting me here &  leaving your kind words.

I’m signing off for now & gearing up for the Holidays.

See you all soon, have a great one! x

2 thoughts on “Kewpies & Christmas

  1. Jo

    What a find! And whoever would have thought? The local florist nonetheless!

    Hope you and your lovely family have a great Christmas and break. We are around until the 16th, then head off. If you are around, maybe we can catch up?


  2. Kate

    Oh Jenni, I found you.
    I’ve been thinking about you ever since we arrived home and I saw your gorgeous cushion on my bed. I took a pic of it on my blog today.
    I think of your blog and Jo’s blog often and miss them.
    I hope you and your family are really well and that you have the most wonderful Christmas.
    Big love,
    Kate xx


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