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kido’s jeans too short…


…snip, snip, snip…


…made a gathered frill 9cm in height & double the measure of cut hem eg. hem circumference 80cm – frill length 160cm…


..(.ignore hem,i  undid it) & pinned gathered edge to jean cut hem…


…i added another frill 13cm in height & 200cm in length (didn’t want next frill too gathered)

hem & attach to the hem of 1st frill


note: i would use a ruler next time when chopping off crutch & legs ;)


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a quick & sweet way to decorate a singlet.



plain white singlet

10cm of bemsilk lining (112cm wide) in pale pink, torn into 6cm wide strips (raw edge top & bottom)

-sew 3 rows of gathering stitches, leaving long ends of cotton to tie in knots.

-1st row 8mm from top edge, 2nd & 3rd rows 8mm spaced from each other.

-gather all threads from one end & tie off into a knot (without misshaping side of strip, not too tight)


-from unknoted end, pull 3 top gather threads from each row together & gather (distributing gathers evenly)

-when happy with amount of gathers, tie off the 3 rows ends & knot together (once again not too tight to misshape side of strip)


-cut gathered strip into 3 different graduating strip lengths.

-i did 17cm for 1st row, 14cm for 2nd row & 11cm for 3rd row.

-fold side edges under 1cm each edge, pin a little above the top of the singlet neckline, so raw edge is feature along the neckline.

- sew across gather stitches with triple stitch zig zag (this stitch has some stretch in it for stretch singlet material) & a little down the sides to secure the gather stitches but leave frill free.


-repeat this method for the 2nd & 3rd gathered strips, pinning each a little under the bottom edge of the row on top.

-press strips when attached with a cool iron (careful, bemsilk melt’s if too hot) to flatten gathers.


-finished…..but if your littlie is like mine, you will be ironing some light stretch interfacing to the back of the singlet where the strips have been attached to cover all the stitches.


small cats & elephants.

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Small cats & elephants in dresses from doyleys & sweet cottons.

Rose Bourjois blush for the cheeks.
I have tried many techniques for blushed cheeks on my dolls & this is what works best for me. Permanent applications are just too harsh.
Maybe you own one of these dolls & the cheeks have become pale?
Ti’s very easy to re apply a little pink powdered blush in a circular motion with a firm paintbrush to their cheeks.
In fact always feel free to email me if you ever have any questions on the care of the dolls :)
wishing you a great coming weekend, Ciao x


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these little glass & plastic things are offering me some entertaining moments.

I haven’t beaded for over twenty years & liking how it feels.

I’m using limited beads & skills but that’s the fun of it!

Wishing you a very lovely Easter break.

craft hatch

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I have just about ticked off all the jobs on my list & looking forward to the Market day.

Please say hello if you’ll be coming & keep an eye out for some “market day specials”

 it will also be the very last of my doll face cushions,

(although you only to have to ask if you really want one )

Craft Hatch Market

Saturday 17th March 11-4pm

at 1000 pound Bend

361 Little Lonsdale Street


cuddle craft collective auction

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Elodie elephant comes dressed in her best outfit but when a picnic is the order of the day, her comfortable cottons fit the bill nicely

Elodie elephant will be up for auction from March 18th – 25th March.

In cuddle craft collectives own words:

Our first auction will run from 18 March – 25 March 2012 and will be held via our Facebook page. We invite you to head over to Facebook and join the Cuddle Family in preparation for the auction, and to get a first peek at all the goodies that will be available for bidding!

>> Join us on Facebook