D E S I G N E D + H A N D M A D E in M E L B O U R N E

h e l l o!

if you don't see what you are looking for or are after something special, please drop me a line at clothandthread@gmail.com

delivery estimates are usually quicker than stated on most orders but please feel free to request an earlier delivery if needed :)

h a p p y r e v i e w s 💌

exceedingly lovely, every single piece and detail... incredibly grateful X


your aesthetic & craftsmanship is like no other Jenni, they are amazing!!!


oh Jenni, my dolls and outfits are just so pretty! your incredible vision always amazes me, Thank you!


utterly addicted to all you create!!!


our beauties arrived today & I can't thank you enough, every one is absolutely gorgeous & impeccably dressed, I am sooo happy & can't thank you enough! 


Your creations give me so much happiness when I look at them.  Thank you for my beautiful Dandy Lion.  He is so, so perfect.  I absolutely love him.  


we love everything you do and know we will be collecting from you for years to come!


Oh my Rosa is so so beautiful.  Such an incredible work of art and craftsmanship.  My daughter doesn't get to see her until Christmas but I know she will be speechless and dizzy with excitement. 


OMG jenni! she is so amazing, I can't get over it! Wow!!! You have outdone yourself!!!